Shaun the Sheep Arts and Crafts Toys

Shaun the Sheep Arts and Crafts Toys

Repco Asia signs global manufacturing agreement with Aardman Animations for Shaun the Sheep Arts & Craft toys.

Repco Asia (part of the Repco Group of companies) is developing a full range of Shaun the Sheep licensed Arts & Craft products that will be presented to worldwide buyers in Hong Kong during October 2013. Shaun the Sheep is a family favorite, enjoyed across multiple forms of media and recognized the world over for its slapstick humor, distinctive look and strong, quirky characters. Central to Shaun the Sheep is great comedy – targeted at kids and enjoyed by the whole family.

The Shaun the Sheep Arts & Craft products will appeal to children and parents alike and will incorporate the creativity and humor of Shaun and his friends. The line will broaden and complement the wide range of Shaun the Sheep products already available in the market.

Arts & Craft toys are favorites among parents, and loved by children, as they stimulate creative thinking, tickle the imagination, and encourage play between the parent and child. Shaun and his friends are a perfect match to this category as they too are always imagining new adventures and pranks on the farm.

“We are very proud of having been appointed global manufacturer of Shaun the Sheep Arts & Craft toys. This give us an opportunity to work with a great license such as Shaun the Sheep, and Shaun’s world opens up endless opportunity to incorporate creativity and humor into the actual products”, says Repco Asia CEO, Carsten Bo Skoett. He continues; “The first wave of products will be introduced to buyers in October 2013, in Hong Kong. Additional products will be introduced throughout 2014, and a big ‘Shaun year’ is expected running up to the worldwide premier of “Shaun the Sheep – the movie” in early 2015”.

The Shaun the Sheep TV show broadcasts in over 170 territories and new episodes are scheduled to be released throughout 2014 and 2015. In addition, Shaun the Sheep fans all over the world are eagerly awaiting the new Shaun the Sheep movie that is in production and scheduled for a 2015 worldwide premier.  The Shaun the Sheep Arts & Craft products from Repco Asia will be a perfect opportunity for children and parents to get ‘hands on’ with Shaun and play out their own version of Shaun’s adventures at home. So keep a lookout for the upcoming release of the first wave of products in October 2013, and additional launches in 2014, 2015, and beyond.

The products will be offered to all Shaun the Sheep licensed distributors and retailers around the world.

New distributors and retailers are also being sought in many territories as the brand continues to grow globally. Interested parties should contact Repco Asia or Aardman directly.

Repco Asia offers various arts & craft, and creative products under the “Happy Hands” brand, the product portfolio also includes primarily licensed creative products and premiums that are developed and manufactured for licensees around the world.

Besides providing you with ready-made products, Repco Asia and the Repco Group of companies can offer you our vast experience in developing and manufacturing licensed and non-licensed creative products and premiums from concept to final product.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your requirements.

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